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We hand pick bold, seasonal pieces that match your tastes and push your limits. Underwear, jeans, tees, button downs, you name it.

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Try everything on and keep the pieces that make that bootie werkkk.

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Drop off returns using our prepaid return label at any USPS mailbox. Returns are always free and easy.

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$39 Styling Fee

The styling fee is $39 per box. You can apply this as a discount towards the cost of any item you decide to keep.

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Keep all the items in your box and we'll give you 10% off your entire order.

Reserve your Q1 2016 box, shipping January to March, for $39 today.

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$39 styling fee

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All the Details

How does the styling fee work?

You get the styling fee rebated back to you as a discount off of the price of any items you decide to keep from each box, so the styling ends up being a free part of the service. We charge this fee to make sure that people who sign up are actually interested in participating in the styling process and in finding cool new clothes.

How often does the box come?

The box comes once every three months. You can skip any box if you're feeling like you don't need a fashion refresh--we'll email you two weeks before your box is supposed to ship as a reminder.

How much will each item cost?

Each piece will range between $25 and $200, with underwear on the lower end, and larger pieces on the higher end. 80% of our items are below $100. We will cater to your pricing preferences.

How long do I have to return items?

You have seven days to return any items you don't want. Just hop online and tell us what you're sending back within seven days of receiving your box, and cover the old label with the pre-paid label, then drop the box in the mail. There's no deadline for us to receive the box--you just have to tell us what you're keeping and drop the box off at USPS within seven days.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is shipping?

There are no shipping charges. All you pay is the $39 styling fee. Return shipping is always free.

When will my box ship?

The Q1 2016 box ships from January-March. Your stylist will send you your ship date shortly after you fill out your style profile.

What if I don't like anything?

Just send it all back! Your credits on the prior box will not carry over to the second one.

How can I cancel?

You can cancel online at any time by emailing us at contact@shopstrapping.com. You can also easily skip a box, or two, or three.

When do I pay the $39 fee? When do I pay for what I decide to keep?

For the Q4 box, you pay the $39 fee today to reserve your spot in our private beta. In the future, we will charge you the $39 fee when style you--usually about a week before we ship your box. We don't charge you for the clothes you decide to keep until we receive what you've decided to send back, or you let us know what you'll be keeping via email.

Is this a clothing rental service?

No. The items you return must be unworn, unwashed/unlaundered, and in original condition with tags on. The idea is that you try things on in your home and make a decision then about what you want to keep. We give you a week to let us know so that you have ample time to make that decision without it being a hassle.

Are there any cancellation fees?

No. There are no cancellation fees.

In terms of styling, what kind of guy is this for?

Our goal is inclusivity, so we cover lots of ranges of style within the menswear world. We work with vendors who supply high quality cothing at reasonable price points, and we try to emphasize basics that everyone will be able to find a use for.

Will my bonus credits roll over?

No. Any bonus credits issued to you are valid only for the following box. If you receive bonus credits upon signup, they must be spent on your first box or they will expire.

Other questions?

Email us at contact@shopstrapping.com or just give us a call at (866) 923-0514 and we'll answer your questions ASAP. During non-business hours, calls will be forwarded to our mobile phones--if we don't pick up, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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